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Accidents and disasters can occur at any time and having the right insurance can make sure you are protected from financial ruin. Insurance can help protect your life, the ability to earn future income, and it can keep a roof over your head.

With insurance, you can help minimize the effects of your car being totaled in an accident, you being sued because of an accident or incident, or losing your home due to a covered peril.

Types of Insurance You Need

While you can insure almost anything, it's important to note what kind of insurance is required and what kind of insurance is highly suggested. In North Carolina, car insurance is required, your lender will likely require home insurance if you have a mortgage on your home, and you should have health insurance for emergencies. If you have a business, you are required to have workers compensation insurance if you employ more than three people, but you may also want to consider a commercial liability policy, so you know that your businesses can be protected from other incidents.

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

How much insurance you need can depend on the item you are insuring. You need the minimum car insurance requirements for North Carolina, but you should also want to consider collision or comprehensive insurance as well to protect the investment in your car. You want to make sure you have enough home coverage to protect your assets. If you have enough assets that you max out on your policy limits, then consider umbrella coverage.

When determining your insurance needs, ask your agent at Wood Insurance Consultants LLC these questions so you can find a policy for your situation:

  • How much insurance should you have?
  • What if a driver doesn't have insurance?
  • Who pays for damages?
  • What is umbrella coverage?
  • What happens if I don't have insurance?
  • How do I file a claim?

Wood Insurance Consultants LLC has policies for home, auto, commercial, life, condo, umbrella, and workers compensation. Contact us for a quote on any policy or try our online rating tool for home and auto insurance.